Trail Woods Owners are Welcome at Lora Bay


  Trailwoods offers much more than just a great place to live.


Lora Bay Golf

For a nominal fee,currently $88.00 / month per family (based on an annual membership), all Trailwoods residents have the option to access the Lora Bay Community Association.

This is a great way to meet new new neighbours and get involved in a host of great social activites.



Association member benefits (according to Lora Bay Corporation) include the following:

  • Association Members have the full use of our Private Members Clubhouse recreation center and beach facilities.
  • They will receive a weekly events calendar and may partake in all of our social functions as well as our many interest groups.
  • Members will eventually have the full use of the Tennis Court Complex.
  • Members also have access to the beach front as well as other buildings and volleyball courts etc as they are completed.
  • There is no extra charge to use the Private Members Lodge if you want to have your own function and don’t mind if other homeowners come and go.
  • New Trailwoods purchasers shall have the "special option" of having a one year member


Grill Lounge Lora Bay Golf Club


On The Lora Bay Golf Course











Come home to the country community of Trail Woods.